SMathStudio Wrapper

Pre-compiled Binaries

To Use

Pre-compiled binaries can be downloaded from SMath. Development binaries coming from the buildbot server can be found at SMath.

Extract the files in the .7z file using 7-zip. Run the install.bat file in the zip file to copy the files to the right location. It will make the installed version of CoolProp the default CoolProp in SMath.

User-Compiled Binaries

Common Requirements

Compilation of the SMath Studio wrapper requires a few common wrapper pre-requisites

Native Wrapper

  1. Check out coolprop:

    git clone --recursive
  2. Create a build directory build:

    mkdir build
  3. In the build directory, run the command:

This will inject the version number in the appropriate format into a few template files using CMake
  1. Open the solution file in build directory.
  2. Make sure the mode is set to Release (not Debug). Build the project, the generated and copied files will be in build/wrappers/SMath/coolprop_wrapper/bin/Release.
  3. From the download page, download the 64-bit DLL CoolProp.dll file from Windows/64bit folder and rename to CoolProp_x64.dll and place with the files in build/wrappers/SMath/coolprop_wrapper/bin/Release. Download the 32-bit __stdcall DLL CoolProp.dll from Windows/32bit__stdcall_calling_convention and rename to CoolProp_x86.dll and place with the files in build/wrappers/SMath/coolprop_wrapper/bin/Release.
  4. Run the build_zip.bat file that is in the build/wrappers/SMath folder. It will create a zip file with the needed files.
  5. To install, unzip the coolprop_wrapper.7z zip file and run the install.bat script that was in the zip file

Old Method

There are two ways to link CoolProp and SMathStudio : Remark: I used the first one, the second one isn’t quite clear to me.

1) The easiest way is to download and install the portable SMath Studio distribution with Maxima, CoolProp and many other plugins :

2) To link CoolProp to SMathStudio_Desktop follow the identical instructions as given below for MathCAD 15 :

Notes : - In October 2014 SMath Studio with CoolProp worked on Windows only. - The portable SMath Studio distribution is provided on the SMath Studio site, however so far it’s indicated as inofficial (October 2014)

More information on SMath Studio is given under :