Julia Wrapper

There are two fundamental options for interfacing Julia and CoolProp. Choose one option:

  • Call the shared library directly using only Julia code (very fast!)
  • Get access to all the python interface using PyCall package

Option A: Calling shared library directly


For now, only 64-bit architectures are supported.

Download a precompiled shared library appropriate to the computer you are using from sourceforge or the development version from the nightly snapshots.

NB: For Linux users, the file libCoolProp.so must be renamed into CoolProp.so and copied into Julia’s library folder (e.g. /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/julia/). If you compile/download the library often, you may prefer to make a symbolic link from your downloaded/compiled library to Julia’s library folder:

sudo ln -s libCoolProp.so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/julia/CoolProp.so

If you want to use the library in an other directory, once renamed (or after creating a CoolProp.so symbolic link) you can set the system shared library search path to the current directory before running Julia:


Or directly ask Julia to search in the current directory:


Note that you can replace ${PWD} (present working directory) by any path you want, and similarly for the . of the ”.” in Julia.

Download the module CoolProp.jl from sourceforge or the development version from the nightly snapshots and place in the same folder as the shared library (in ~/.julia/$version/CoolProp/src/ for Linux users).


At the console, do something like this in the folder that contains CoolProp.jl and the shared library:

High level interface:

julia> import CoolProp

julia> CoolProp.PropsSI("T","P",101325.0,"Q",0.0,"Water")

Low level interface:

julia> handle = CoolProp.AbstractState_factory("HEOS", "Water")

julia> CoolProp.AbstractState_update(handle,CoolProp.get_input_pair_index("PT_INPUTS"),101325, 300)

julia> CoolProp.AbstractState_keyed_output(handle,CoolProp.get_param_index("C"))

julia> CoolProp.AbstractState_free(handle)

Option B: Using PyCall package in Julia

You must have python installed on your computer, and have CoolProp installed in your python installation.

Open julia in console and check for installed packages:

# 2 required packages:
# - PyCall            0.4.8
# - PyPlot            1.2.9
julia> Pkg.status()

If required packages are not installed, use the following commands:

julia> Pkg.add("PyCall")
julia> Pkg.add("PyPlot")
julia> Pkg.update()


# Enable PyCall package:
julia> using PyCall

# Import CoolProp module:
julia> @pyimport CoolProp.CoolProp as CP

# Call some CoolProp properties:
julia> Tbp = CP.PropsSI("T","P",101325.0,"Q",0.0,"Water")

User-Compiled Binaries

Build the 64-bit shared library for your architecture following the instructions at Shared Library (DLL).