Delphi Wrapper

Delphi (information) is a programming environment based on the Pascal language. It is used for doing GUI development and other general programming. There is an open-source equivalent of Delphi called Lazarus .

A very simple example of linking Lazarus and CoolProp can be found obtained by downloading the following 3 files:

You will need to download the release shared library for your platform from sourceforge or the development version of the shared library from the nightly snapshots.

Open Lazarus and then open the project file you downloaded. Build and run. Place the downloaded shared library for CoolProp in the same folder with generated executable.

Floating Point Exceptions

We have noticed a run time error that occurs with certain inputs. For example, call to

t := PropsSI(‘T’, ‘P’, p, ‘H’, h, ref);

This will crash if the dll is called from Delphi (not confirmed for Lazarus) at the point p = 4.4e6, h=330e3 and ref=R22.

If you disable the floating point exceptions, then you get the right answer!


Don’t get me wrong here, this is not a fix! Apparently, most compilers disable the floating point exceptions so all we are doing here is masking the actual fault.