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Changelog for CoolProp


CRITICAL BUGFIX: Repaired memory corruptions thanks to clang AddressSanitizer All users should install this bugfix!!


Bugfix: Fixed mysterious bug referenced in .


Bugfix: Thermal conductivity for R404A off by a factor of 1000


Bugfix: Fixed H,P inputs for incompressibles


Bugfix: Fixed crashing behavior with invalid input keys to Props function


Bugfix: Fixed bug in conductivity for Air, argon, oxygen at low densities


  • MAJOR: CoolProp now only used in Modelica through ExternalMedia
  • MAJOR: Fixed the transport properties for a few fluids that had unit errors in conversion from kSI to SI units
  • MINOR: Added acetic acid
  • MINOR: Removed quantities support to Props function. I don’t think anyone was using it
  • Added third partials for residual Helmholtz energy for SAFT term
  • Fixed building for MATLAB on linux
  • Fixed some problems with R407C around critical point
  • Rudimentary wrappers for LibreOffice and Scilab added
  • Added improved ancillary fitter
  • Fixed handful of bugs in the humid air routines
  • Many other small bugs


  • Fixed default calling convention on 32-bit windows to set back to __stdcall. This change should fix DLL-based wrappers that want __cdecl calling convention


  • Fixed EES wrapper
  • PropsSI function gives correct units for python


  • MAJOR: Added unit testing at the C++ level based on Catch
  • Added EOS for Methanol from Piazza based on SAFT association term
  • Added Prandtl as an output variable
  • Predefined mixtures (R404A, R410A, R407C, R507A, Air) can be used with REFPROP using a fluid name like “REFPROP-MIX:R410A.mix” where R410A.mix is a predefined mixture file in the mixtures folder of REFPROP
  • Export HAProps in Javascript
  • Improved some edge cases for P, S inputs
  • Added wrappers for Maple and Mathematica
  • Added PropsSI function to DLL that always takes and returns SI units
  • Improved EES support for newer versions of EES that broke CoolProp support (EES strings are not case sensitive)
  • Added upper-case aliases for all fluids and input variables (to support EES)
  • Fixed TTSE and dylib compilation on MacOS
  • Added basic wrappers for Fortran and C
  • Added incompressible fluids AS10, AS20, AS30, AS40, AS55, ZS10, ZS25, ZS40, ZS45, ZS55


  • API CHANGE: Some functions have been condensed, functions get_errstring, get_REFPROPname, etc. have been rolled into get_global_param_string.
  • MAJOR: Code now is on github (
  • MAJOR: Internally all units are SI, functions should do the necessary conversions using conversion_factor() and get/set_standard_unit_system()
  • MAJOR: Brines and incompressible liquids are added to CoolPropStateClass
  • MAJOR: Preparing to phase out of DerivTerms function, Props now handles derivatives as well.
  • Wrappers added for Java, Javascript, MathCAD, MathCAD Prime
  • Improved wrapper for Labview (Thanks to the Sergei and guys at UGent)
  • Improved plotting in Python (Thanks Logan)
  • Improved Modelica wrapper and added incompressible fluids with p,T and p,h as state variables
  • Added viscosity for n-Hexane
  • Added R1233zd(E)
  • Added more incompressible liquids: Therminol D12, Therminol VP-1, Therminol 72, Therminol 66, Dowtherm J, Dowtherm Q, Texatherm 22, Nitrate Salt Blend, Syltherm XLT, Dynalene HC-10, Dynalene HC-20, Dynalene HC-30, Dynalene HC-40, Dynalene HC-50
  • Added slurry ice as incompressible solution of either water-ethanol, water-NaCl or water-propylene glycol with solid content as input
  • Added corrosion inhibitor ZitrecAC, anti-freezing agent Pekasol2000
  • Added Lithium-Bromide/water as incompressible solution (Thanks to Jaroslav Pátek)

3.3.0 (revision 660)

  • MAJOR: Added bicubic interpolation to TTSE method. Enable by calling set_TTSE_mode(Fluid,"TTSE") or set_TTSE_mode(Fluid,"BICUBIC") (for bicubic interpolation). Default is normal TTSE interpolation
  • Added deuterium and its isomers from preprint
  • Isobutane aliases added
  • More work on incompressible liquids

3.2.0 (revision 619)

  • Added the function PropsU to python wrapper which allows for use of SI of kSI set of units
  • Both inputs to Props can be iterables
  • Added the fluid R1234ze(Z)
  • Renamed R1234ze to R1234ze(E)
  • H-S works
  • P-H, P-S fixed
  • Fixed n-Undecane entropy
  • Fixes to wetbulb temperature
  • First code for Mixtures - not exposed through API
  • CAS numbers added for all fluids - retrieve using the function get_CAS_code

3.1.2 (revision 577)

  • Added the fluids Fluorine, Methanol, R114, R13, R14, R21, RC318, R12, R113
  • Isolines are now available for plots (H/T Jorrit Wronski)
  • Environmental information on fluids is included, can be obtained using keys GWP100, ODP
  • Fixed a bug in HAProps between 273.15 K and 273.16 K
  • Fixed some small bugs in ECS for transport properties
  • Fixed some bugs in higher derivatives of Helmholtz energy terms

3.1.1 (revision 544)

  • Added the fluid Propyne
  • Fixed ECS core code
  • Added ECS parameters and changed reference fluids for a lot of fluids
  • Fixed Air and H2S transport equations
  • Fixed compilation bug for sources

3.1 (revision 534)

  • Added the fluids Propylene, Cyclopentane, R236FA, R236EA, R227EA, R123, R152A, R227EA, R365MFC, R161, HFE143M, Benzene, R11, Undecane, R125, Cyclopropane, Neon, R124
  • Added the viscosity and conductivity correlations for a lot of fluids
  • Added surface tension, Lennard-Jones parameters for a lot of fluids
  • Added enthalpy, entropy as inputs
  • Added pressure, density as inputs
  • CoolProp builds on Raspberry PI
  • CoolProp works in MATLAB on OSX
  • Python unit tests have been added in wrappers/CoolProp/CoolProp/tests - a work in progress

3.0 (revision 325)

  • Added Tabular Taylor Series Expansion (see documentation)
  • All the way to the critical point for almost all fluids
  • Support added for Modelica, Python 3.x and Labview

2.5 (revision 247)

  • Added EES wrapper (r245-r247)
  • Saturation derivatives dhdp and d2hdp2 (r244)
  • Caching of Helholtz derivatives in CPState.cpp (r243)
  • Added Xylenes and EthylBenzene (r242)
  • Added n-Dodecane, R23, DMC (r241)

2.4 (revision 240)

  • Added the fluids R1234ze, DME, R143a, n-Pentane, n-Hexane, n-Octane, n-Heptane, CycleHexane, 1-Butene,trans-2-Butene, cis-2-Butene,IsoButene, MethylLinoleate, MethylLinolenate, MethylOleate, MethylPalmitate, MethylStearate

  • Added C# wrappers (built for Windows) (r240)

  • Added Phase_Trho() and Phase_Tp() functions (r240)

  • Cleanup of the build process. svnrevision is saved to a file that is built in. Can access the svn revision through the functions get_svnrevision() and get_version()

  • Added a genetic algorithm to build ancillaries to dev folder (r226)

  • Added third partial derivatives of all the Helmholtz Energy terms (r238)

  • Bugfixes:
    1. Fixed Q(T,rho) (r237) (
    2. dhdT and dhdrho added back (r232)
    3. Surface tension now properly has the units of N/m as specified in the docs (r228)
    4. Fixed bug from Reiner with V and Vda (r227)
    5. Added a Brent solver to fix the solution for the saturation around the critical point (r220)(
    6. Repaired saturation LUT (r214-r216)
    7. Fixed bugs in IsFluidType as well as fixed bugs in Brine entropy calculations (r213)

2.3 (revision 212)

  • Added updated correlations for brines and subcooled liquids from Melinder 2010 (r207)

  • Added aliases to docs and python and DLL (r211)

  • Excel wrapper updated to catch errors and output them to a message box

  • Big speed update to p,Q as inputs (as fast as REFPROP now) (r202)

  • Doxygen now gets updated as well (r200)

  • Bugfixes:
    1. Updated inputs for brines (order doesn’t matter) (r208)
    2. Fixed REFPROP with single-input props (r206)
    3. Fixed Manifest file for source distro (r206)
    4. Fixed bug with REFPROP mixtures not being properly parsed (r205 & r212)
    5. Added a backup Brent method for HAProps when solving at low humidity ratio: closed (r204)
    6. Added an example to show how to get version of CoolProp: closed (r204)
    7. Closed the bugs/issues in (r203)
    8. Resolved memory leak with ECS (r201)

2.2.5 (revision 199)

  • P,h and p,s as inputs solve for almost all fluids under almost all conditions

  • Octave modules for 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 now build and run properly for VS build on Windows

  • Builds properly on Linux now

  • Bugfixes:
    1. REFPROP.cpp bug with mixtures (r195)
    2. fixes around critical point (r198)
    3. Ancillaries for R134a updated in the vicinity of critical point

2.2.4 (revision 192)

  • Does not die if pseudo-pure T,P are in the two-phase region
  • Fixed bug with dewpoint as an input for dewpoints below 0C
  • Added a CoolPropStateClass for elegantly handling inputs - internal codebase will soon transition to this entirely
  • Fixed derivatives of drhodp|h and drhodh|p in two-phase region
  • Improved ancillary equations for Siloxanes (were terrible!)
  • Improved ancillary equations for Ethanol
  • Improved ancillary equations for SES36
  • Tmin is now an option for CoolProp and REFPROP fluids - ex: Props(“REFPROP-MDM”,”Tmin”) or Props(“MDM”,”Tmin”)
  • T_hp is now faster than REFPROP
  • Added Excel 2003 Add-in for CoolProp - not clear it is working though
  • Improved the Distro builder

2.2.3 (revision 172)

  • Added Ethylene, SF6, Ethanol, Methane, Ethane, n-Butane, Isobutane
  • x(h,p) is much faster due to the avoidance of a lot of saturation routine calls
  • x(p,Q) is about 200 times faster!!
  • Added Quality ‘Q’ as an output
  • Fixed properties for Air
  • Fixed ancillaries for Siloxanes

2.2.2 (revision 169)

  • Added MATLAB wrappers and compiled versions on Windows to batch
  • Added plots to check solvers for (T,p) and (h,p) in subcooled liquid and superheated vapor regions

2.2.1 (revision 166)

  • Added the fluid SES36
  • HAProps added to CoolProp wrapper and added to Excel addin
  • When using pseudo-pure fluid, saturation density are calculated based on solving for density given T,P and guess value given by ancillary for density
  • Improved saturated vapor ancillary for SES36
  • Changed default names: R717 -> Ammonia, R744 -> CarbonDioxide, R290 -> Propane

2.2.0 (revision 164)

  • Added the Siloxanes (MM,MDM,MD2M,MD3M,MD4M,D4,D5,D6)
  • Added a script that will build all the parts (Excel DLL, Python, MATLAB, etc.) and upload to Sourceforge
  • Very-alpha code for use of CoolProp in Modelica
  • Enthalpy and pressure are valid inputs for Brine fluids
  • Added support for quantities package in Python code (If you provide quantities.Quantity instance to CoolProp.CoolProp.Props, the units will be converted to the default units for CoolProp; Default units can be obtained by calling get_index_units(iParam) as a std::string; If a string for the desired output units is passed to Props the units will be converted to the output units)
  • Internals of CoolProp changed again, added a function called IProps that uses the integer indices for the input terms as well as the fluids - significant speedup. This is mostly for use with CoolProp.State.State in Python although the same principle can be used elsewhere
  • Bug fixes for ECS

2.1.0 (revision 154)

  • Added the fluids Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Helium
  • Added the output term ‘accentric’ to get the accentric factor of the fluid
  • Checking of input temperature now yields errors for bad temperatures below fluid min temp
  • Fixed T(h,p) and T(s,p) in two-phase region
  • Fixed Units on surface tension to N/m

2.0.6 (revision 147)

  • Fixed entropy of humid air at above-atmospheric pressure (Typo in RP-1485)
  • Added specific heat of humid air
  • Changes to so that it will not build if cython version < 0.17 which is a requirement due to the use of STL containers
  • Changes to plot module to allow for showing right after plot

2.0.5 (revision 143)

  • Fixed wetbulb and dewpoint calculations - works correctly now
  • Added wrappers for MATLAB and Octave to subversion code - not included in source distro

2.0.4 (revision 132)

  • Fixed density for subcooled liquid
  • Fixed for OSX (I think)
  • Using cython for wrapping of CoolProp module
  • CoolProp module - removed T_hp and h_sp - use Props instead
  • Added IceProps function to HumidAirProps
  • Added and fixed CO2 transport properties

2.0.1 (revision 122)

  • Implemented the method of Akasaka to calculate the saturation state (works great). H/T to FPROPS for the recommendation
  • Fixed the calculations for T(h,p) up to a subcooling of 50 K, works fine in superheated vapor
  • Added the ideal-gas specific heat with key of C0

2.0.0 (revision 107)

  • MAJOR revision to the internals of CoolProp

  • Entropy added for humid air (Only fully validated at atmospheric pressure)

  • Added the fluids R22, R1234yf and the 20 industrial fluids from Lemmon, 2000

  • Added ECS model for calculation of transport properties (somewhat experimental)

  • Added surface tension for all fluids. Property key is ‘I’ for surface tension

  • Some functions have been removed in order to better handle errors at the C++ level.

    Tcrit(), Tsat() and pcrit() are gone, in Python call Props(‘R134a’,’Tcrit’) for instance to get Tcrit

  • Many other bug fixes.

  • Documentation to follow.

1.4.0 (revision 75)

  • Internal codebase rewritten in C++ to allow for better exception handling and function overloading
  • All work now happens in CoolProp.cpp (inspired by FPROPS)
  • Added 2-D lookup table (temperature and pressure) directly in CoolProp. Enable by calling UseSinglePhaseLUT(1) to turn on, UseSinglePhaseLUT(0) to turn off
  • Compiled with the -builtin compilation flag
  • Documentation updated for UseSinglePhaseLUT

1.3.2 (revision 49)

  • Added functions to use Isothermal compressibility correlation UseIsothermCompressCorrelation and ideal gas compressibility UseIdealGasEnthalpyCorrelations

1.3.1 (revision 48)

  • Updated documentation
  • Added ability to use virial term correlations for Humid air by call to UseVirialCorrelation(1)

1.3 (revision 41):

  • Added pseudo-pure fluid Air using EOS from Lemmon
  • Added EOS for ice from IAPWS
  • Updated Humid Air Thermo Props to use analysis from ASHRAE RP-1845, though IAPWS-1995 is used throughout for water vapor
  • Enable the use of lookup tables for refrigerant saturation properties[ call UseSaturationLUT(1) to turn on, and UseSaturationLUT(0) to turn off] Speed up is very significant!

1.2.2 (revision 35):

  • Added some simple cycles for comparison of different working fluids
  • Fixed quality calculations to agree with REFPROP